Change of Ownership
  1. This page is meant to inform ICS nederland about a change of ownership of a registered horse. The registration costs are Euro 15.- you can pay with your bank- or credit card or from your Paypal account immediately after sending this form.
    After receipt of the form and the monies, ICS Nederland sends you a certificate of ownership and an address sticker to be placed on page 7 or 8 of the horses' passport.
  2. Horse to be transferred

  3. Name of the horse as in the passport(*)
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  4. Microchip number(*)
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  5. Previous owner

  6. Name of owner in passport(*)
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  7. Zip and place as in passport
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  8. New owner

  9. Name of new owner(*)
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  10. Street and number(*)
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  11. Postal Code(*)
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  12. Postal code and place(*)
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  13. Country(*)
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  14. New owner's Email(*)
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  15. Phone and/or moblie
  16. Date of transfer(*)
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  17. Location of the horse after transfer

  18. Address of stable or field
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     Only to be filled when different from new owner's address