Equine Passports GCDHA, Warning

We act upon the matter because the owners involved are often in possession of Irish Cobs or horses with Irish Cob pedigree originally registered in our ICS Nederland studbook.

GCDHA continues to organize inspections and misinform breeders suggesting the "breedless" passports  issued by another PIO for foals, accompanied by a separate pedigree certificate, have the same validity as a passport with pedigree from an approved studbook.

The approval of GCDHA as a studbook was revoked at the beginning of 2012.

If your horse has a passport from this organisation, it has actually now a passport for an unregistered non-pedigree horse.
The pedigree in these passports cannot be copied in a foal's pass by any approved studbook.
For a foal bred from parent(s) with such passport, approved passport issuing authorities have the obligation to issue a breedless passport without parents mentioned.

The pedigree data on the certificates of GCDHA is not valid and may not be used by approved organisation. As a breeder you own in this case a horse without breed and pedigree.

GCDHA passports with breed Gypsy Cob are invalid and must be replaced by a duplicate because GCDHA never was approved as a PIO for Gypsy Cobs.
GCDHA passports with breed Drum Horse are valid, but the pedigree cannot be copied to the passport of a foal by an approved organisation because Drumhorses are not listed in any studbook as approved for breeding.