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Irish Cob Society Nederland - ICS NL

Active members of ICS Netherlands are spread over many European countries. In each of these countries inspections are organized on a regular base.
Foals are identified and entered into the studbook on inspections or at the home of the breeder by either ICS Netherlans ID-officials or by the local veterinary surgeon. In case no horse passport was present, ICS Netherlands issues one.
All registered Cobs can be found on our Online Pedigree.


A number of French Irish Cobs breeders register their breeding products with ICS Netherlands.
Occasionally an inspection takes place


A large group of German Irish Cob breeders, members of ICS Netherlands, erected an active breeders community in 2008.
Information about the German activities for the owners of over 650 Cobs is to be found at “Terminkalender für Deutschland”
Each year inspections are performed, sometimes combined in “Tours”. German breeders are individual members of ICS Netherlands.


From the start of ICS Netherlands Belgian breeders were involved and nowadays two Belgian members are part of the board of directors of ICS Netherlands.
Each year several inspections take place in Belgium, also Belgian breeders enter their Cobs in inspections in The Netherlands and Dutch owners show their Cobs on inspections in Belgium.


The Finnish Irish Cob breeders are united in the active breeders community ICS Finland, web site
Several inspections take place each year. In Finland two qualified inspectors are appointed.


The Danish Irish Cob breeders are individual members of ICS Netherlands, coordinated in the society ICS Denmark.
Each year several inspections take place in Denmark on different locations.

Czech Republic

Czech Irish Cob breeders are coordinated by their own society Irish Cob The Czech Republic, web site
At least ons inspection is held in Czech Republic each year, usually in September – October


In the USA ICS Nederland is represented by Peter Proost, Floral City, Florida.