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Irish Cob Society Nederland - ICS NL

Irish Cob Society Nederland

Approved studbook for Irish Cobs, Irish Cob Partbreds and Shires.
Registration, parentage control and issuance of horse passports

About the Society

Irish Cob Society Nederland was founded at the end of 2000 as a representative of the Irish mother organization in the Netherlands to organize inspections for Irish Cobs, the coloured horses with hairy legs from Ireland and England. The studbook quickly became popular, also in other countries, and now carries out studbook activities in several European countries.
Since 2021, ICS Nederland has also registers Shire Horses; this in collaboration with the NSHS, the Dutch Shire Horse Society and SHS, the English mother studbook of the Shire.
ICS Nederland also provides horse passports for horses of unlnown breed and donkeys and registration in the national register of imported horses with a foreign horse passport.

  • Registration and equine passports for Irish Cobs, – Partbreds and Shire Horses
  • Organizing breeding value inspections for Irish Cobs
  • Registration of Shire horses in the Netherlands with registration in England.
  • Breeding value inspections of Shires in cooperation with the Ned. Shire Horse Society,
  • Passports and registration for Irish Cobs and Shires and registration of unregistered horses with the RVO, the Dutch official database.