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If you own a horse or pony with a microchip but without passport, this page helps you to find the original passport issuing organization to apply for a duplicate passport.
A duplicate equine passport can only be issued by the oganization that issued the original passport.

Microchip numbers are registered by country; below are the web sites to find which organzation in a country issued the passport, based on the microchip number.
The links are followed by a list of countrycodes which should correspond with the first 3 digits of the microchip number.

For horses with an Irish (372) registration you need to contact the registering studbook in Ireland.
Passport issuing organizations (PIOs) outside Ireland are not allowed to make replacement equine passports for horses born in Ireland.
You find the issuing organization by the chipnumber or lifenumber of the horse: every Irish  elk Iers PIO has an own set of life numbers from 372001 to 372414 with according microchip numbers.
You find these numbers here. If the PIO cannot help you, mail to of the Department of Agriculture for help.

Links to determine a microchip number

Netherlands (528) Chipnummers Nederland Belgium (056) Horseid BE
Great Britain (826) National ChipChecker France (250) Haras Nationaux France
Spain (724) Buscador de équidos Ireland (372) List of PIO’s
Portugal (620) Mail address here Malta (470) Mail address here
Romania (642) Agentia Nationala pentru Zootehnie

Countrycodes (the first 3 digits of the chip number)

032 Argentina 036 Australia 040 Austria
044 Bahamas 052 Barbados 056 Belgium
060 Bermuda 076 Brazil 124 Canada
152 Chile 156 China 158 Taiwan
203 Czech Republic 208 Denmark 214 Dominican Republic
246 Finland 250 France 276 Germany
300 Greece 348 Hungary 356 India
360 Indonesia 372 Ireland 376 Israel
380 Italy 392 Japan 442 Luxembourg
458 Malaysia 484 Mexico 492 Monaco
528 Netherlands 554 New Zealand 578 Norway
604 Peru 608 Philippines 616 Poland
620 Portugal 630 Puerto Rico 642 Romania
643 Russian Federation 710 South Africa 724 Spain
752 Sweden 756 Switzerland 764 Thailand
792 Turkey 804 Ukraine 818 Egypt
826 United Kingdom 840 United States 858 Uruguay
862 Venezuela 891 Yogoslavia