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Irish Cob Society Nederland - ICS NL

This privacy statement concerns ICS nederland (Irish Cob Society Nederland),
approved studbook for Irish Cobs and Irish Cob Partbreds.

Contact data

The ICS Nederland office address is Gerecht 6, 5469 KD Erp (Keldonk), The Netherlands.
Phone +31 6427 00062, KVK (Company Registration Office) number 11052202.

Why will ICS Nederland register your data?

ICS nederland registers her members name- and address data (also phone numbers and email addresses)
a) to inform members about coming events and circumstances that matter for breeders of Irish Cobs
and Irish Cob Partbreds
b) to determine who is a member and has a member’s rights
c) to register the ownership of horses and ponies in ICS Nederland’s database
d) to meet the legal obligation to notify the Dutch authority (RVO) the names and addresses of the
applicants of equine passports and the owners of imported horses and ponies.

Who sees your data

Personal data is only visible for officials of ICS Nederland who need access to the database in order to do their job.
Personal data will not be shared with other individuals or organizations except with the national authorities in cases mentioned above in d).

Storage period

Your data will be kept at least as long as you are a member of ICS Nederland and / or you are registered as owner of a horse or pony in the ICS Nederland database.

Insight, rectification and removal of personal data

If you want to view what ICS Nederland has registered about you, click HERE and ask.
Use the same way to ask us to perform changes.
After ending your membership your data will be removed on your request provided
you are not registered as owner of a horse or pony in our database.


If you have complaints against the way ICS Nederland deals with your personal data please let us know.
If our answer does not satisfy you may contact the official authority, the Dutch Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens, to lodge an official complaint.


On events pictures and sometimes video’s are taken on behalf of ICS Nederland. These images can be published in our magazine, on our web site or on social media for promotion purposes.
If you object against the publication of imagery on which you can be recognized before publication, the imagery will not be published.
If you object against the publication of imagery on which you can be recognized after publication, the imagery will be removed or blurred.


ICS Nederland makes no use of tracking cookies.
The ICS Nederland web site does not use Google Analytics or Facebook trackers or other software to follow your Internet activities.